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Frequently Asked Questions/Pricing

How much do your sessions cost?

Each treatment usually costs £40 but please contact me as I often have promotions available. A treatment lasts approximately one hour apart from the initial session which may be longer due to your medical history being discussed. I also offer one free treatment per block of 6 i.e. book 5 and the 6th is complimentary.

How Can Reflexology Help Me?

It can be difficult for people to to understand how reflexology works as these days we are much more used to treating ailments chemically i.e. with over-the-counter tablets and prescription medications. However, an increasing number of people choose reflexology and other complementary therapies allied to medicine and feel enormous benefits. On the research page, you will see a variety of publications available to read and decide for yourself and please also take time to read the testimonials in the Guestbook from people I have been lucky enough to provide Individualised reflexology treatments for.

Where are you based?

I am based in Hall Green in Birmingham and will welcome you to enjoy reflexology treatments in my home, or bring my Reflexology chair to you if you prefer. I can cover surrounding areas; Kings Heath, Shirley, Solihull. There may be extra mileage costs incurred depending upon where you live but this will be discussed with you before you decide to have a treatment. Click here for location details.

When do you work?

I have availability most Mondays throughout the day or in the evenings. I am able to offer a limited service at the weekends but please call me to discuss your needs and I will work as flexibly as I can.

Will I feel ok afterwards?

Yes, you will feel very relaxed once the treatment has finished and you will be given a drink of water while you take 5 minutes to re-join the real world. Sometimes, people feel a little chilly immediately after the treatment and it is wise to bring an extra article of clothing. People report feeling energised, more productive at work, sleeping more deeply and for longer periods of time, feeling calmer and being able to cope with life's ups and downs. These feelings can reflect changes in the body and a move towards rebalancing and homeostasis.

How often will I need treatments?

Your first session is a relaxing, investigatory treatment which works on all of the systems of the body to identify where any imbalances are. A bespoke treatment plan can then be created to address your needs. Reflexology appears to work on an accumulative basis and the benefits you are feeling will be reviewed with each subsequent treatment. As everybody is an individual, frequency can understandably depend on many factors e.g. primarily the need, but also affordability, availability and enjoyment etc. In addition, I will make suggestions about things you may like to do between your reflexology treatments towards your own self-healing with guidance in nutrition and lifestyle changes if felt to be of benefit, plus links to websites or books that could be of use.

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